Welcome to Raus Hill - home of beautiful and spoiled Jack Russell Terriers.  Our small "farm" is located in the Raus community in southern middle Tennessee and our terriers spend their days running around their hillside and gazing at the beautiful countryside.  All of our terriers spend time indoors and out and are all house-trained. 

We are members of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) and all eligible terriers are registered through the club.  We abide by all rules and regulations.  Our terriers are BAER tested as puppies and have annual CERF examinations.

Attention Farmers or Land Owners:  If you are in the Southern Middle Tennessee area and are having problems with groundhog, raccoon, or opossum destroying crops or have holes in your ground that create the possibility of injury to your livestock, please call us and we may can help you. We will be happy to work with you to relocate or dispatch these unwanted creatures from your fields and pastures free of charge. We will be very careful of your land and will ensure that any sets we work with are filled and closed. We will make sure your gates closed and latched, and the general condition of your property left in the same or better condition than when we arrived. We will be glad to provide references on request.   However, we do not allow our terriers to go under buildings or foundations or any other location that could cause injury or death to them.  This includes abandoned equipment or sets where skunks are know to inhabit.  This allows our terriers to safely practice what they are bred to do - hunt!  We are happy for you to observe or participate - its quite a sight to see!
  Jack Russell Terriers
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Updated: 2/21/2015
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